24 Apollo Three Sump Pump Setup for Ultimate Protection

A good sump pump is the first line of defense for any residential or commercial property, but what happens when that’s not enough? Your customers may not know this, but a single sump pump isn’t going to cut it in areas with high rains and frequent flooding. A single pump with a battery backup can quickly become overwhelmed if more water floods the system than it can handle. Overwhelmed systems can lead to flooding and destroyed equipment, which is why Nash Distribution has a simple solution: Three Sump Pump Setup for Ultimate Protection.

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Product Description

The Three Sump Pump Setup for Ultimate Protection is a triple-redundant sump pump system designed to protect basements and crawl spaces in areas prone to heavy rains and high flooding. Its core is two 3500 gph (gallon per hour) primary and secondary pumps, supported by a 2500 gph battery back up with pump alarm. The pumps are protected by the 24” Apollo Basin constructed from injection-molded polyethylene structural foam for durability and longevity. The basin has a 39-gallon capacity and is assembled easily in tight spaces due to its twist & lock design. The system comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty, and the battery for the backup pump is not included.

Key Features

  • Two Primary Pumps with up to 3500 GPH capacity per pump
  • One Battery Back-up pump with up to 2500 gph capacity
  • Pump Alarm for battery backup, alerting when primary pumps have failed
  • The battery for the backup pump is NOT included
  • Sump Basin is a 24” Apollo Basin with a 39-gallon capacity
  • Basin is constructed of injection-molded polyethylene structural foam
  • Basin has a twist & lock design for easy breakdown and assembly in tight spaces
  • Basin has a built-in pump platform keeping sediment from affecting pumps
  • 3 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


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