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Baseboard Waterproofing System 6’ Drain Channel

BaseGuard1 Waterproofing System is your waterproofing solution for monolithic concrete slabs with integrated footings. Monolithic slabs present challenges as traditional methods for interior waterproofing are difficult or impossible to utilize and can result in structural instability. Because foundation walls are constructed on the slab, outside water pressure can penetrate mortar joints or leach in between the wall and slab. The BaseGuard1 Waterproofing System installs directly at the slab/wall joint (cove), capturing water as it enters and channeling it to the sump pump. The hinged design allows for inspection and water testing, providing confirmation of a properly sealed installation. BaseGuard1 cuts easily with a miter saw, so you can custom cut inside and outside corners, limiting the number of joints.

Features and Benefits

  • No trenching required
  • No digging required
  • No jackhammering required
  • Watertight
  • Easy adhesion points

System Components

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