Superior Sump Stand

Help extend the life of your customer’s sump pumps by preventing sediment and debris in your basin by using the Superior Sump Stand.

Key Features

  • Stackable
  • Built-in flow channels

Product ID

  • SPS
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Product Description

Routine maintenance is a must when it comes to preserving the life of a sump pump. Regular inspections and cleanings help to ensure that debris and sediment don’t affect the performance of the pump. But, the best way to protect your sump pump installation is by raising the pump off the basin floor, where silt and sediment can build up. The Superior Sump Stand raises the bar by creating a buffer between the pump’s suction point and the bottom of the pit. Superior Sump Stand’s built-in flow channels improve migration of water to the pump, helping to ensure top performance and pump longevity. Units are stackable.


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Coming soon
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