Superior telescopic Snap-Fit Sump Basin | SFTSF16-DR

Features and Benefits:

  • Injection molded high density polyethylene structural foam
  • Designed for crawlspace or limited space installations
  • Telescoped from 9.75’ to 17.5” tall
  • Snaps and locks into place with little effort
  • 24 factory drilled, 5/16” holes
  • 16 Gallon capacity
  • 4inserts to bolt cover to basin, gas tight and odor control
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Product Description

Product Description The Superior telescopic Snap-Fit Sump Basin, identified as SFTSF16-DR, stands out with its innovative design tailored for effective water management in challenging spaces. This basin is crafted from injection-molded high-density polyethylene structural foam, ensuring durability and long-term reliability. Its unique telescopic feature allows it to adjust seamlessly from 9.75 inches to 17.5 inches in height, making it a perfect fit for crawlspaces or areas with limited space. The installation process is remarkably user-friendly, with a snap-and-lock system that requires minimal effort. The basin also includes 24 pre-drilled holes, each 5/16” in size, for efficient water intake. With a generous 16-gallon capacity, it efficiently handles significant water flow. Additionally, including four inserts to bolt the cover securely to the basin enhances gas tightness and odor control, ensuring a clean and safe environment.


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