X-TREME 4050 Saturant Epoxy (300X150)

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The Fortress 4050 Epoxy 300/150 Cartridge is a practical, easy-to-use product to help you complete your next project. 

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Our product is easy to use and can be dispensed with a standard application tool and a small cartridge adapter. Additionally, the Fortress 4050 epoxy is a specially designed gel that combines viscosity of paste and the wetting capacity of a low viscosity resin. Lastly, our product is sufficient enough to cure in the presence of water and provide for minimal air entrapment.

Further information about the Fortress 4050:

  • Doesn’t sag on a vertical or overhead application
  • Less than a 5% air entrapment
  • Designed to be reasonably ductile to transfer the load to FRP
  • High tensile and shear capabilities

There is no other epoxy gel on the market better for carbon fiber and anchoring than the Fortress 4050. Order your product today!


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