Carbon Fiber Strapping Bottom Anchor

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Need just one more piece to complete a project? We’ve got you covered by offering individual reinforcement anchors. The bottom anchor is perfect for extra reinforcement for carbon fiber strapping, without having to buy a whole kit.

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Carbon Fiber strapping has become the new go-to for basement reinforcement projects everywhere. It is more durable than steel, doesn’t corrode, and is far less intrusive than steel I-beams. Carbon Guard takes this a step further by offering patented anchors to further reinforce their carbon fiber strap systems.

Our Carbon Fiber Strapping top and bottom anchors are what secures the wall from moving inward in a tipping or shearing motion. It’s an added layer of reinforcement for tougher basement repair jobs. We strongly recommend them for our Carbon Guard Carbon Fiber Strapping Systems.

Our kit includes:

  • 1 Bottom Anchor with screws.

We know that sometimes mistakes happen when you’re doing a project. We thought ahead by offering contractors individual bottom anchors, so they don’t have to buy a whole new kit. Grab a few extra and ensure you don’t run out today!

Key Features of the Carbon Fiber Strapping Bottom Anchor

  • Very Simple Installation
  • Additional Support
  • Low Visibility
  • No Maintenance
  • Low Cost



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