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Carbon Guard 24 Strap Anchored Kit

The Carbon Guard 24 Strap Anchored Kit carbon fiber systems offer the strongest anchoring system and stabilization available. Our all-encompassing kit includes all the tools you need to do 24 8ft wall straps. Its tremendous strength, combined with its subtle appearance, makes it the perfect option for bowing wall repairs when a customer prefers not to have I-Beams.

Key Features

  • Very Simple Installation – Prepare space, apply and smooth epoxy and apply the product to the wall
  • Incredibly Strong – Super-strong material, cannot bend, break, or stretch.
  • Low Visibility – Hardly noticeable, and easily painted over when dried
  • No Maintenance – Requires no attention when finished by anyone.
  • Low Cost – Can be done for less than half the cost of steel beams.

Product Specifications

  • (220FT) 450gsm Carbon Fiber (6″ wide)
  • (24) Top & Bottom Anchor Sets
  • (24) Xtreme 4050 Epoxies
  • (4) Xtreme 4000 Epoxies
  • (1) Tray and Roller Set

Product ID

  • 8200
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Carbon Guard 24 Strap Anchored Kit image

Product Description

If you need a dependable and simple solution to foundation repairs, the Carbon Guard 24 Strap Anchored Kit is the way to go. Everything required for the professional contractor in one simple package. Originally developed for NASA and the U.S. Military for applications demanding extreme strength, carbon fiber is stronger than steel but not as stiff. However, carbon fiber is lightweight and easy-to-manage making it a simple to use, quickly installed solution for basement and foundation repair applications.


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