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Guardian 2.0 Inside Corner

The Guardian 2.0 was designed to be both easy to install and effective long-term in keeping homes dry. It’s a waterproofing system designed to collect water where it occurs – right at the wall/floor/footing joint and cause the least amount of disruption to the slab. One of its best features is its modular design because not all foundations are laid out the same.

Not every basement is going to be just four simple walls. Homes are becoming less symmetrical, with more complex layouts, overall meaning more corners in the foundation, and installing a waterproofing system is more tricky. That is why Nash Distribution offers the convenient sale of Guardian 2.0 Inside Corners with cleanout ports for our Guardian 2.0 Interior Waterproofing System so you can navigate these layouts easily.

It’s frustrating to keep buying complete systems to get that one extra piece you need to complete a job and waste the rest. That is why we have taken The Guardian 2.0 Interior Waterproofing System and offered individual pieces for separate sales, so we can focus on providing you with excellent products and keep your overall costs down.

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Guardian 2.0 Inside Corner image

Product Description

Need extra Guardian 2.0 Inside Corners? When it comes to providing affordable and straightforward solutions for your clients, Nash Distribution knows that not every job is going to be one-size-fits-all. That is why we offer contractors like you individual parts and pieces to some of our most popular waterproofing systems, such as The Guardian 2.0 Interior Waterproofing System.

Key Features

  • The beveled, half-round design provides crush proof strength
  • Lines up perfect for inside corners
  • Convenient corner cleanout ports
  • Ridge and valley shape secures repoured concrete to the channel
  • The rear wall flange captures and directs water from weep holes, integrating wall panels and vapor barriers
  • HDPE construction for durability and long life
  • Open back design immediately captures water seepage
  • Made in the U.S.A
  • Can be custom ordered in a choice of color (Minimum order required)

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