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Dranjer Sealed Drain

Sealed sump basins do a great job of containing gases and moisture, but don’t allow water to enter the basin from above in the event of a plumbing failure. Dranjer Sealed Drains solves this problem with their unique one-way design. Water can enter… but, gases, moisture, and insects cannot. Promotes a healthier home environment.

Key Features

  • Unique one way valve lets water in and keeps gas from getting out

Product ID / Size Chart

  • F-S2
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Dranjer Sealed Drain image

Product Description

The Dranjer Sealed Drain attaches to the underside of the sump lid. This drain uses a brass valve to prevent gas, odors, insects, and moisture vapor from leaking out of the sump basin while allowing water into the basin in the event of a plumbing leak.


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