Terminator Foundation Support Bracket

The Terminator Foundation Support Bracket is a leaning wall support bracket for a sturdy and reliable hold. Constructed of high-strength steel and resists up to 6,000lbs of force, the Terminator stops basement walls from moving at the top – by counteracting outside pressure.

Key Features

  • 5″ x 1 1/2″ joist saddle provides secure thru-bolt joist connection
  • Triangular bearing plate receives wall load for transfer to the joist system


  • Resists up to 6,000 pounds of force

Product ID

  • Terminator
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Product Description

The Terminator Foundation Support Bracket creates a solid connection between the floor framing and the foundation wall to resist inward movement. The Terminator may be used by itself or, for added flexibility, be used with any brand or style of carbon fiber strap to improve top of wall connection to the framing.


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