All-Weather Crawl Space Door Kit

The All-Weather Crawl Space Door Kit, now available in multiple colors and a beautiful, all-weather woodgrain finish, is a kit that includes everything needed to replace old, rotten exterior crawl space entry doors.

Key Features

  • Lightweight, rigid PVC construction (1/2” nominal thickness)
  • High impact and structural strength Premium woodgrain, textured finish
  • Available in three colors – white, black, and beige
  • It may be cut to size on the job site – fits virtually any crawl space entry
  • Paintable/Stainable
  • It may be milled, drilled, screwed, nailed, glued, routed, or cut with standard woodworking tools.
  • Able to withstand marine and high-moisture conditions
  • Will not rot, split, delaminate, or cup
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Product Description

Our All-Weather Crawl Space Door Kitreplaces old rotted, broken exterior doors. It is made of ½” thick plastic so it will not rust or rot. The door can be cut to size and comes with heavy-duty weather stripping so the door will seal airtight when closed. The parts kit includes 8 screw-in thumb knobs with threaded concrete anchors.


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