WhiteCap Crawl Space Doors

WhiteCap Crawl Space Doors are made of durable PVC/ABS plastic and have a UV retardant treatment. They are also simple to install thanks to the included fasteners and a separate flange that surface mounts to the substrate (brick, stone, stucco, framing, etc.) Nash Distribution offers two sizes, 16”x32” and 24”x36”. Each size is available in black or white colors to match well with most homes. In the end, your customer will be pleased to know that you can provide them with a tightly sealed door that stops the intrusion of insects, pests, outside air, and water while leaving them with a safer and more energy-efficient crawl space.

Key Features

  • Waterproof and mold-resistant, these doors will not deteriorate over time
  • A tight seal stops outside air and unwanted pests from entering the customer’s home
  • Easy installation
  • Perfect addition to a complete crawl space encapsulation system
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Product Description

Wood crawl space doors typically used by builders or contractors can warp from weather conditions, rot due to moisture, or leak due to an improper seal. These wood doors ultimately allow both pests and water into the crawl space. A leaky crawl space door will also allow humid outside air into the home, which promotes mold and mildew. The best solution you can provide to a homeowner is one of our WhiteCap Crawl Space Doors. This durable door is inorganic, waterproof, mold-resistant, and will not deteriorate over time. We only have the product available in black.


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