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These days, every foundation contractor knows that carbon fiber wall repair systems are one of the best methods to fix bowing and cracking basement walls. But what you might not know is that all carbon fiber systems aren’t created equal.

Experienced contractors already know why. Many carbon-fiber systems on the market today are poorly made or simply hard to come by. Also, they don’t have the necessary adhesive support and anchoring to keep a wall in place, causing many to peel off the walls they were intended to reinforce.

So, when it comes to choosing the right carbon fiber wall repair system to install in the homes of your customers, you need something that will last long after you’re gone – The Carbon Guard System. The only carbon fiber wall repair system on the market today that features top and bottom anchors, and is readily available to foundation contractors everywhere!

Carbon Guard

Why Is Carbon Guard The Right Choice For Foundation Repair?

The Carbon Guard System is the culmination of over 20 years of design, application, and field testing. Carbon Guard was designed to address the shortcomings of its competitors – such as relying solely on adhesive or poorly designed top and bottom anchors.

Carbon Guard overcomes these flaws because it is made entirely different from its competitors. Many companies will use simple solid carbon fiber or carbon fiber fabric as the basis of their repair systems. While these materials are very strong, their adhesion to the wall is the failing point because 9 out of 10 of these materials are smooth, and give the adhesive nothing to grip onto.

Meanwhile, Carbon Guard uses 450 GSM carbon fiber in a unidirectional pattern that produces an open grid in its strapping. This pattern has two critical benefits over competitors. The open grid formation allows structural epoxy to penetrate through the strap for maximum adhesion to the foundation wall. Second, once the epoxy is dried in place, the strap is now bonded firmly in place. When attached to the patented top and bottom anchors, Carbon Guard can resist shear and tilting stresses that would peel competing products off the wall.

Additional Benefits Of The Carbon Guard System:

Availability – Carbon Guard is available to all Nash Distribution customers.

Subtle appearance – straps help maintain home value and are less conspicuous than bulky steel repairs.

Quicker installation – most projects can be completed in a single day!

No maintenance – straps will not corrode or deteriorate like steel.

Paintable – painted straps disappear into the wall finish.

Versatile – straps can be installed in wet basements and crawl spaces and will not interfere with basement drains.

Preventative – straps can be installed as the first step to any basement finishing project, providing added peace of mind.

Looking To Provide Your Customers With A Product That Works?

Exclusively available to Nash Distribution customers, The Carbon Guard System should be your choice for carbon fiber foundation repair. Its tremendous strength and subtle appearance make The Carbon Guard System the perfect option for bowing wall repairs and an alternative to I-Beams.

If you would like to know more about The Carbon Guard System, our sales team is here for you. Everything from product pricing to how to get the best from our products, your Nash Distribution sales rep is happy to help!

As a contractor, you’re in the business of solving problems for your customers, and when it comes to crawl space encapsulation, your solutions will have a lasting impact for years. Why? Because crawl spaces are prone to high humidity, rot, and general nastiness. These problems can directly affect a home’s value and the quality of life of the people inside.
That is why encapsulating a crawl space is always a good idea. A homeowner can head off many potential problems simultaneously, like mold growth, high energy bills, decreased property value, and potential health problems due to mold.

At Nash Distribution, we believe that you should only provide your customers with products proven to last for years. That is why Nash recommends using WhiteCap Vapor Barriers in your crawl space encapsulation projects.

nash encapsulated basement


Why choose WhiteCap for crawl space encapsulation? What’s stopping you from just going to a retail store, buying crawl space liners, and installing them yourself? The answer is simple: WhiteCap Vapor Barriers are superior in every way. WhiteCap is:

Tested: WhiteCap Crawl Space Vapor Barriers meet the strictest standards for moisture protection, puncture, and tear resistance.

Permanent: WhiteCap products are also manufactured to stand the test of time, permanently addressing a customer’s crawl space concerns, restoring value and peace of mind.

Quality: WhiteCap Vapor Barriers are designed to defend a home against the elements. WhiteCap has a full range of solutions to answer any crawl space repair challenge, no matter what climate your customers live in.

Making the most of WhiteCap Vapor Barriers:

Debris in crawl space

Clean Things Up

To make the most out of WhiteCap products and any crawl space-related project, the first step is to clean things up! Out-of-sight and out-of-mind crawl spaces are typically the most neglected area of the home. There’s often debris and damaged insulation that requires removal and possible mold, mildew, and pest remediation. The crawl space should be made as level as possible for the best possible form and fit for a WhiteCapped crawl space.

Drainage matting

Drain and dry

Once the crawl space is clear, you should address any standing water or water seepage issues. A drainage system and sump pump may also be needed to protect the space before encapsulation. A base layer of WhiteCap Drainage Matting may also be needed.

We recommend drainage matting because it’s the best practice for maintaining an air gap between the earth and the top layer of WhiteCap Liner. This has the benefit of protecting seams and overlaps in the encapsulation material, making it much more durable than any other crawl space system available. Then “dry-in” begins with the WhiteCap Vapor Barrier’s installation, and the outside vents are sealed, cutting off the elements that cause poor indoor air quality.

crawl space dehumidifier


After completing the work, it’s essential to regulate and maintain the space’s relative humidity. A quality, commercial-grade, compact dehumidifier can remove 70-155 pints of moisture per day. These units make the home more comfortable and filter out pollen, spores, and other particulates, improving overall indoor air quality.

Nash Distribution has a wide range of dehumidifiers that are perfect for any crawl space encapsulation. You can view our selection of dehumidifiers here.


Available to Nash Distribution customers, WhiteCap products should be your only choice for crawl space encapsulation. Their durability and superb manufacture make WhiteCap Vapor Barriers the perfect option for taking back musty and dirty crawl spaces.

If you would like to know more about WhiteCap, our sales team is here for you with a focus on superior service. Everything from product pricing to how to get the best from our products, your Nash Distribution sales rep is happy to help.

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