Basement, Foundation & Crawl Space Repair Products

Nash Distribution offers a variety of basement waterproofing, foundation repair, crawl space repair, and mold treatment products for contractors and professionals all over the U.S. and in Canada. We pride ourselves on manufacturing and distributing quality products, delivering them fast and developing personal relationships with our customers. But don’t just take our word for it, listen to what our customers have to say.

Basement Waterproofing Products

Water problems in basements are as old as the structures themselves, and homeowners turn to basement waterproofing companies to take care of the problem for them. Water tends to leak into a basement by means of any unimaginable opening it can, whether it is the floor, wall, or the tiniest of joints between them. In fact, water is able to move through concrete, as well. For the same reason, basements are often really humid and damp areas.

Foundation Repair Products

All foundation repair contractors know the importance of having a structurally-sound foundation. You also know how important it is to utilize high-quality repair products and tools. Nash Distribution can provide you and your company with the best supplies available for foundation repair projects, including for: foundation cracks, bowed foundations, foundation settlement, and many for many other foundation problems.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Products

The moisture inside a crawl space without any crawl space encapsulation system in place generates a perfect environment for wood-destroying organisms, mold, and mildew. It is able to saturate and destroy the efficiency of a home's insulation and encourages wood rot. And due to the chimney effect, the humid crawlspace air, packed with mold and mildew spores, ultimately finds its way into the living area, creating a harmful environment and causing the air conditioner to work at an increased rate to dehumidify the environment. Just a vapor barrier could help a little, but most of the moisture is originating from the outside, not a dirt, crawlspace floor.

Mold Treatment Products

As a mold treatment professional, you realize how dangerous mold can be for a home. It could cause serious health problems, including: flu-like symptoms, headaches, fevers, chills, confusion, breathing problems, and much more. Nash offers a variety of mold treatment products from Anabec which can be used to effectively remove mold from a home.

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Mold Removal Products in Belleville, IL
Ordering from Nash has been a easy process and their products work like they're advertised! They helped answer any questions or concerns that we had. We're able to provide our service to homeowners in Missouri and Illinois with Nash's great repair products. ...