EzFlow Gravel Free Drainage System

The EzFlow Gravel Free Drainage System is a gravel-free alternative to a traditional French Drain system. It works great in crawl spaces with standing water! EZflow drain combines the pipe, aggregate, and mesh in one product which reduces the labor costs of installing a French Drain system by 50% or more.

A 10 foot long slotted pipe surrounded by Poly Rock (polystyrene aggregate) and enclosed in a geotextile mesh, EZflow is uniquely designed with “flow channels” meant to increase void space which provides improved water flow rates up to 35 percent. It also means a greater storage capacity and structural integrity to resist compaction.

EZflow also offers a sustainable solution for the management of stormwater run-off by collecting surface water and redistributing it into the subsoil. It has many applications, including use on interior and exterior foundation drains, curtain and landscape drain, retaining walls, golf course drainage, and crawlspaces.

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Product Description

The EzFlow Gravel Free Drainage System is a prefabricated trench drain and gravel-free alternative to the traditional French drain. It cuts installation time in half by eliminating the need to transport, shovel, and move heavy gravel—ideal for installation in crawlspaces where access and space are limited. Also, The EzFlow Gravel Free Drainage System is a great option for exterior french drains where tight lot lines do not allow machinery operation.

Key Features

  • One bundle is 9 pieces, 10 ft a piece
  • Geosynthetic aggregate pipe
  • Convenient installation
  • No gravel needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Highly reliable
  • Long-lasting
  • Installs easily with hand tools alone

Product Specifications

  • 7″ fabric finished outside diameter x 10′, containing 3″ corrugated perf-pipe and EPS Poly-Rock aggregate.

Product ID

  • EZ-0701F


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