6″ Step Down Connector 

The Geo Drain Tile 6″ Step Down Connector may be used with Geo Drain Tile strip drain for flat, on-the-footing installation. This installation helps transition at inside or outside corners. Step-down connectors may also be used for vertical installation beside the footing, where footings “step-down” to accommodate changes in elevation.

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Product Description

The Geo Drain Tile 6″ Step Down Connector is the ideal solution for basement drainage systems requiring multiple 90 degrees turns as seen in the layouts of many larger homes. The 6″ Step Down Connector is easy to install and requires minimal excavation along with the Geo Drain Tile.

Key Features

  • Ideal for crawl space or basement drainage projects
  • Compact design – minimal excavation required
  • Constructed of polyethylene for superior flexibility
  • High compressive strength
  • Fittings are available for connection to PVC pipe
  • Fusion-welded geo-textile for long-life filtration

Product ID

  • DAP-52230


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Coming soon
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