125 MIL Reflective Insulation (500 sq ft & 900 sq ft)

125 MIL Reflective Insulation is the best option for increasing energy efficiency. Our patented vapor barrier simplifies installation for all residential, post-frame, light-gauge steel, and commercial insulation applications.

Features and Benefits

  • Reflects up to 97% of radiant energy
  • Non-toxic lightweight rolls
  • Durable construction and long-lasting toughness
  • Excellent vapor barrier
  • Multiple facing combinations
  • Easy installation with a utility knife and tape
  • Bird and insect resistant
  • Increases system thermal performance
  • Use in retrofit or new construction

Product Specifications


  • 125 MIL: 1⁄8” moisture-proof polyethylene (R-Value = 0.45 core only)


  •  White Woven -Reflective

System Thermal R-Values (ft2 • h • °F/Btu)

125 MIL

  •  Downwards (7/16” OSB / 2.75” Airspace  / 2.75” Airspace / ½” Gypsum) ………13.1
  •  Upwards (7/16” OSB / 2.75” Airspace / 2.75” Airspace / ½” Gypsum)……….. 7.5
  •  Horizontal (Vinyl siding / 1” Airspace / 7/16” OSB)…………………………………….5.4
  •  Horizontal (Vinyl siding / 2.75” Airspace / 2.75” Airspace / ½” Gypsum)……..9.1

Additional Information



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Product Description

The 125 MIL is made of a solid layer of flexible foam. This foam is designed to provide excellent insulation characteristics because of its moisture-proof design.

The core of 125 MIL is 1⁄8” thick. This core provides additional insulation with added durability. The multiple-facing combinations are thermally bonded through a unique process that ensures long-term quality to every roll.

Lastly, the unique, sleek design provides a clean, polished finish to any insulation job. Not only will your clients be impressed with 125 MIL’s protection, but they’ll also love the look.


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