Freeze Relief 2″ to 4″

A simple solution to a sump pump discharge line that keeps clogging, the 4″ Freeze Relief is attached to the sump pump discharge line that diverts water from the backed-up line preventing the sump pump from burning out and the basement flooding.

Key Features

  • 2″ top dia.
  • 6” height
  • 4” bottom dia.
  • Easy to install
  • Transitions sump pump discharge line from 2” SCH 40 to 4” SCH 30 PVC (thin wall)

Product ID

  • FR3
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Product Description

The 4″ Freeze Relief is designed to protect your customer’s basement when their sump pump discharge line becomes clogged or frozen when winter comes on. This attachment is easy to install and transitions a 2” Schedule 40 that comes from the sump pump to a 4” Schedule 30 PVC (thin wall) discharge line for an unobstructed discharge of water from the sump pump. Freeze Relief is incredibly challenging to clog and works automatically, not having to be monitored. At only 6 inches tall, this low-tech solution prevents high-tech problems for your customers by increasing the life span of their sump pump by preventing backfill and even more flood damage.


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