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Aprilaire E100D

Aprilaire E100D Dehumidifiers are the perfect product for whole-home dehumidification, basements, crawl spaces, and sealed attics.

Key Features

  • Low 8.0 Amp power draw.
  • Whisper-quiet design
  • Removes up to 95 pints of water per day
  • Manages up to 5,000 sq ft
  • Easy to adjust legs for leveling (no tools required for leg adjustment)
  • Built-in automatic control is easy to set
  • Adapters for threaded connection or plastic hose included
  • Includes 1/2″ washable, MERV 8 filter


  • Width: 12.5 inches
  • Height: 14.5 inches
  • Length: 27.5 inches
  • Weight: 70 lbs

Product ID

  • E100D
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Aprilaire E100D image

Product Description

The Aprilaire E100D Dehumidifiers are designed to dehumidify the air coming into the unit by passing the incoming air over an evaporator coil, dropping the air temperature below the dew point. The moisture is removed from the air and drains out of the dehumidifier to a common floor or waste drain. The air is then reheated in the condenser coil and exits the unit. Dehumidification occurs until the relative humidity (%RH) setting is reached. The unit then shuts off until periodic sampling determines the need for dehumidification. The integrated digital display and control monitors the %RH during sampling of the incoming room or HVAC return air. All E100 models have the ability to bring fresh, outdoor air into the living space. Fresh air will dilute stale air and pollutants and will reduce humidity in the winter months. Suppose the humidity level of the outdoor air is higher than the %RH setting. In that case, the dehumidifier will begin dehumidification to reduce the humidity in the home to set the humidity level. The fresh outdoor air is brought in through a 6″ round duct with a 6″ round, normally closed damper. This complies with ASHRAE 62.2, Energy Star, and the 2012 International Residential Code (IRC). The dehumidifier has built-in controls to adjust the amount of fresh air that is brought into the home. If wired to the HVAC system, the dehumidifier will bring in the outdoor air when the HVAC system calls for heating, cooling, or is running continuous fan. If the amount of set ventilation time has not been met during the HVAC calls, the dehumidifier will open the ventilation damper, turn on the HVAC fan, and bring in fresh air until the ventilation time has been met. High and low-temperature limits are available in 3 different modes, preventing outdoor air that is too hot or too cold from being delivered to the home. Ventilation will not occur if the outdoor temperature rises above the high limit or drops below the low limit. If the outdoor temperature drops below the heat-only limit, ventilation will only be allowed when the HVAC system calls for heat. A high indoor %RH limit is also available in all three ventilation modes. The E100 Dehumidifiers are capable of zoned dehumidification. In this application, the dehumidifier can control the humidity in two separate zones in the home, a Primary and Secondary Zone


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