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Quick Set
Surface Seal & Peel

Foundation repair is the bane of any homeowner. Cracks begin to form in basement walls, and you need a straightforward fix before they become worse. Quick Set Seal and Peel are available to ease this process considerably. A two-part solvent that provides a sturdy seal to resin injection ports for crack repair, and an overall seal to keep the wall bonding agent from leaking out. The best part, it’s fast-drying and easy to peel off once the repair is complete. No cutting or sanding is required!

  • Quick Set Surface Seal & Peel

Product Overview

Quick Set Surface Seal and Peel are best applied on dry surfaces free of any surface debris. Simply mix the two-part solvent and apply it to your project area. Take care not to use too much solvent at one time, as it could cause the solvent to dry leaving you with wasted solvent. When applying injection ports along the crack, take great care to ensure the port is unobstructed. Once dry, you will be able to inject your crack repair solution as directed by the manufacturer. However, Quick Set Surface Seal and Peel will be able to seal any missed or light covered areas that leak your crack sealant. Once the crack sealant has cured, you simply peel off Quick Set Surface Seal and Peel and finish the wall.

Key Benefits

    • 6 (1:1 cartridge’s) 6 /box

Product ID

  • SKU# lA-68165

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Your staff is always the same, ready to help in any way I ask. They use what they sell....Matt is a Pro....Bill is a Pro.......Excellent service! Always come to these guys for basement waterproofing products.

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