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Low Viscosity
Epoxy Crack Filler

Foundation repair is the bane of any homeowner. Cracks begin to form in basement walls, and you need a straightforward fix before they become worse. Low Viscosity Epoxy Crack Filler is available to ease this process considerably. The product is contained in a dual cartridge, containing both product and catalyst when the two sides mix, the product reacts quickly. The result is a closed cell-barrier that prevents water infiltration from the protected area.

  • Low Viscosity Epoxy Crack Filler

Product Overview

Low Viscosity Epoxy Crack Filler has a 200 cps and comes in a dual cartridge, containing both product and catalyst. Low Viscosity Epoxy Crack Filler is best applied on dry surfaces free of any surface debris. Simply prepare for injecting by using Quick Set Seal and Peel to create a barrier over the crack, and prepare injection sites. Once this has been achieved, prepare the application, and inject it directly into injection sites. The product will react and will result in a tight seal once injected. This will prevent any further water entry into your basement in this area.

Key Benefits

    • 6 (1:1 cartridge’s) 6/box

Product ID

  • SKU# A-68140

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...He left the basement better & cleaner than it was before. Especially for my son who has asthma, my basement is now mold free!
Evangeline B. - Bexley, OH 43209

Your staff is always the same, ready to help in any way I ask. They use what they sell....Matt is a Pro....Bill is a Pro.......Excellent service! Always come to these guys for basement waterproofing products.

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