Due to Anasphere's outstanding performance in the field, we have determined that it far surpasses the technology and performance of Anashield. Anasphere is a next generation hospital grade disinfectant/shield allowing broader fields of application thus, expanding your customer base.

  • Anabec Anasphere
  • Anabec Anasphere
  • Anabec Anasphere

Product Overview

Anasphere represents the next generation in hygiene technology. It is a non-toxic disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer, proven to eliminate and protect thousands of surfaces from a variety of microbial organisms. This EPA registered product is extremely powerful against mold, bacteria, and viruses and is designed to be most effective against the Superbugs, ie MRSA, H1N1, Influenza, Salmonella, HIV-1, E-coli, Listeria, etc.

The disinfectant in Anasphere is coupled with an organic polymer that provides long term staying power, so surfaces stay cleaner, longer. The polymer technology is supported by Byotrol Technology Ltd.

This is Anabec's first concentrate and will equate to a tremendous cost savings to our Nash Distribution contractors.

The bottom line...better performance, better pricing, and a longer warranty from Anabec.


  • Non-toxic quaternary ammonium based disinfectant / sanitizer for interior and exterior surfaces.
  • The polymer technology enhances the staying power of the product on surfaces.
  • Available as an easy to use / cost effective 3 oz concentrate.


  • EPA Registered Product
  • Organic polymer for long-term application
  • Potent and powerful against superbugs

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  • 703

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