These days, homeowners are very concerned with making their houses as energy efficient as possible so that they can lower their monthly utility bills. That is where air sealing comes in. This tri-fold introduces your customers to DOW Insulating Foam and the several different products they have available to seal the home from excess moisture, drafts and pests. This piece is packed full of helpful information, including valuable statistics and ways this product and service can ultimately save your customers’ money in the long run.

  • DOW Trifold

Product Overview

One way to appeal to new customers is by educating them about products and services that will make their lives easier, healthier, and more comfortable. DOW Insulating Foam Sealants are a perfect example of products designed to improve a homeowner’s day-to-day comfort. A tri-fold brochure is a professional way to present a lot of information, especially since different products in the DOW family serve a different purpose. Why not take the guesswork out of selecting the right one by clearly stating each product’s function and benefit? This brochure makes decisions easier for your customers.

Key Benefits

  • Full-color
  • Double-sided
  • 8.5 x 11
  • Heavy-weight glossy paper stock

Product ID

  • BR-BDF

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