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If you are buying plastic sheeting from big box stores and installing it in your customers home, you are increasing the likelihood of failure and problems moving forward. Once that thin sheeting tears or deteriorates over the course of a few years, your customer will not be happy with you or the temporary fix provided. Do it right the first time, and offer your customer WhiteCap Premium! When you install Whitecap Premium reinforced sheeting, you are installing the strongest and most durable heavy duty plastic liner on the market.

WhiteCap Premium is manufactured with high quality materials in a focused process that results in a liner intended for the most rugged environments. Our liners are chemical-resistant and manufactured with virgin polyethylene resin which is so safe that it is FDA CFR 177.1520 (c) 3.2 compliant. The construction process laminates the outer layer of virgin white high-strength polyethylene film with a black layer of molten polyethylene. Between these layers is a heavy duty diamond pattern reinforcement often referred to as scrim. These three elements combine to increase the tear resistance of the product and greatly increase the service life over many liners you will find from other suppliers.

Although your primary customer will look to use the WhiteCap Premium liners in their toughest crawl space encapsulation jobs, these liners are designed to work well in a variety of applications. Knowing that the primary intention of WhiteCap Premium is crawl space encapsulation, we can assure the customer that it is antimicrobial and prevents the growth of harmful bacteria/fungi/mold/algae. It is the perfect barrier to stop vapor, moisture and pests.

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Heavy Duty Reinforced WhiteCap Premium Vapor Barrier

20 mil premium

WhiteCap Premium 20 mil Vapor Barrier

Perfect as a crawl space moisture barrier, the WhiteCap 20 mil Premium liner can also be used in aquaponics, grow beds, troughs, as a lumber/shipping/pallet cover, insulation membrane, building enclosure, fumigation cover, and even for asbestos abatement.

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12 mil premium

WhiteCap Premium 12 mil Vapor Barrier

Ideal for the walls and often floors in crawl space encapsulation, the WhiteCap 12 mil Premium liner works well as a temporary cover for roofing, landfill, cargo and even a pit or pond liner.

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6 mil premium

WhiteCap Premium 6 mil Vapor Barrier

Ideal for covering walls in the crawl space sealing process, the WhiteCap 6 mil Premium liner works well as a temporary cover for roofing, landfill, cargo, construction applications and more.

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Customer Reviews

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I use the 20 mil vapor barrier from Nash on my crawl space projects. The product is heavy duty and the service from ordering through shipping is unbeatable!!!

Eric G. - Integrity Plus Insulation - Prentice, WI 54556

I love using your crawl space vapor barriers! They're so easy to work with!

Steven K. - Lincoln, NE 68504