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Radiant Armor MAX-Radiant Blanket Insulated Liner

Insulation and vapor barrier in one, Nash Radiant Armor MAX installs as easily as standard vapor barrier with the same tools. Radiant Armor MAX boasts an R-8.73 insulation value and, unlike other forms of insulation, helps to block the conditions that cause mold and mildew to grow.

  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier
  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier
  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier
  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier
  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier
  • Nash Liner Heavy Duty Insul Barrier

Product Overview

Looking for a crawl space insulation with amazing R-value and ease of installation? Radiant Armor MAX is the answer! Insulation achieves higher values by creating dead air space. Because of its multi-layer, polyethylene composition, Radiant Armor MAX boasts and R-8.73 insulating value that will not degrade in damp environments like comparable fiberglass batting. Unlike other forms of insulation that are typically installed in crawl space environments, Radiant Armor MAX installs as quickly as vapor barrier and can be fastened to the wall with the same tools.

Key Benefits

    • R-8.73 Insulating value
    • Vapor barrier and blanket-style wall insulation in one step
    • Inorganic – will not support mold growth
    • Light-weight and tear-resistant
    • Reversible, white or reflective face
    • Tape and seal with seam tape or reflective tape
    • Installs as quickly as vapor barrier with X-mas tree fasteners or gas powered nail guns
    • May be used for new or existing crawl space encapsulation projects

Recommended Uses

    • Crawl space and basement wall insulation
    • Indoor grow room walls

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I use the 20 mil vapor barrier from Nash on my crawl space projects. The product is heavy duty and the service from ordering through shipping is unbeatable!!!

Eric G. - Integrity Plus Insulation - Prentice, WI 54556
Nate Reed was great at helping out and answering any questions I had about the product or any of the other products your company offers. He has the attitude that makes me want to buy from you again which is a great attribute, since there are so many other companies that forget about this. Orville ...
Orville B. - Bettendorf, IA 52722