Radiant GPS Foam Insulation

With easy installation, better protection, and long-term value, the Armorboard is the best insulation for your crawl space encapsulation.

  • ArmorBoard

Product Overview

A wet crawl space leads to mold, musty smells, and water damage. Water damage lowers your home’s value while mold can threaten your family’s health. However, with the Armorboard Radiant GPS Form Insulation, you can insulate your crawl space against moisture, increase your home’s value, and protect your family.

Our product is infused with graphite. This infusion creates higher R-values than our competitors. Furthermore, Armorboard outperforms traditional rigid foam insulation by up to 20% and gives you better protection. Lastly, Armorboard is easy to install with a nail-gun or plastic fasteners.

Key Benefits

  • Exceeds ASTM minimum insulation requirements
  • Treated with PREVENTOL®TM EPS, a systemic insecticide designed to stop termites
  • R-9.6 insulating value at 2” thickness
  • Doesn’t degrade over time like fiberglass
  • Greenguard delivers superior indoor quality
  • GPS is 100% recyclable and ozone layer friendly— no CFCs or HCFCs
  • Treated with a flame retardant


  • PRO-BOARD PREMIUM 24: 2” x 24” x 96”
  • PRO-BOARD PREMIUM: 2” x 48” x 96”

Product ID

  • PRO-BOARD PREMIUM 24 ( 96 sheets/pallet 48 sheet minimum order )
  • PRO-BOARD PREMIUM ( 48 sheets/pallet 24 sheet minimum order )

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Customer Reviews

Average rating for Nash Distribution is 4.98 stars of 5 stars - based on 30 reviews

I use the 20 mil vapor barrier from Nash on my crawl space projects. The product is heavy duty and the service from ordering through shipping is unbeatable!!!

Eric G. - Integrity Plus Insulation - Prentice, WI 54556

I love using your crawl space vapor barriers! They're so easy to work with!

Steven K. - Lincoln, NE 68504