Triple Pump™ Pack
Heavy Duty
Pump System

A three pump system for the heaviest of water loads

  • Triple Pump™ Heavy Duty Pump System
  • Triple Pump™ Heavy Duty Pump System Lid
  • Triple Pump™ Heavy Duty Pump System Installed

Product Overview

The Triple Pump Pack Heavy-Duty Pump System is a three pump system comprised of 2 primary pumps and a battery back-up pump. Choice of pump brands is either Blue Angel or Wayne.

Key Benefits

  • Up to 3500 gph capacity primary pump
  • Up to 2500 gph capacity backup pump
  • 2nd A/C pump to increase pumping capacity up to 7000 gph
  • A/C & D/C backup system
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Sealed lid prevents debris, children and pets from falling in, & stops odors, radon and bugs from escaping
  • Specialized drain in the lid keeps odors, gases & liquids from exiting while allowing water to enter
  • Perforated liner collects water under the floor
  • Pump alarm for audible alert that the backup pump is running & primary has failed

Product ID / Size Chart

Sump Pump Options

  • S3-BA - Blue Angel 1/2 HP Sump Pump Combo System & Blue Angel 1/2 HP Sump Pump

Each S3 Kit Also Includes

  • 1 Triple Pump Pack Basin
  • 3 Superior Sump Check Value
  • 2 Cord Wrangler
  • 2 Cord Blocks
  • 1 Dranjer Sealed Drain (Brass Valve)
  • *Battery for battery back-up not included.

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My waterproofing company uses all your sump pumps, especially the battery back up sumps in our waterproofing projects. Our clients are very happy with the results! I'll be recommending you to some other guys in my area.

Thomas B - Charleston, SC 29406