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Quiet Check Valve
1-1/2" Clear

Our quality sump pump check valve is designed to operate in harsh environments. When you need a durable, impressive valve to keep your sump pump running, our product is the best you can ask for.

  • Quiet Check Valve 1-1/2

Product Overview

A check valve is essential in the proper operation of a sump pump. If you have a faulty valve, your sump pump will fail to supply water, and this may cause backups and flooding.

Luckily, our check valve delivers the best results with a long list of benefits. If your client needs a quiet sump pump, our valve provides reduced motor and pump noise. If your client needs a durable, long-lasting model, our valve can withstand harsh environments without a decrease in operation.

On the other hand, how does our valve make your life easy? Our product doesn't require threading the pipe, which reduces time and money. Furthermore, our device works both horizontally and vertically.

With our check valve, you'll have what you need to improve your clients' sump pump.


    • Reduced motor and pump noise
    • Works both horizontally and vertically
    • Offers a full-flow, non-clog design installation. Furthermore, our product is suitable for installation below the basin cover
    • Durable PVC check body and compression end fittings
    • Save time and money by not needing threading of pipe
    • The check valve is clear, which allows for easy viewing of the valve interior
    • Pressure rated at 40 PSI

Product ID

  • 0821-15HC

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My waterproofing company uses all your sump pumps, especially the battery back up sumps in our waterproofing projects. Our clients are very happy with the results! I'll be recommending you to some other guys in my area.

Thomas B - Charleston, SC 29406

I love using your crawl space vapor barriers! They're so easy to work with!

Steven K. - Lincoln, NE 68504