Triple Pump Pack
Sump Pump Basin

As the name suggests, the Triple Pump Pack Basin is built to comfortably house a total of three sump pumps for advanced flood protection . The large rectangular design makes this basin ideal for basement waterproofing installations, where it tucks squarely into any corner.

  • Triple Pump Pack Sump Pump Basin
  • Triple Pump™ Heavy Duty Pump System Lid

Product Overview

Trying to fit a round sump basin in a square corner? Step up to THE MOST VERSATILE basin on the market… The Triple Pump Pack! Fits 1, 2, even 3 sump pumps! and still has elbow room for plumbing and cords. Triple Pump Pack’s unique built-in shelf elevates an additional backup for the ultimate in water protection. Maximum water capacity in a compact and easy to install package…that won’t buckle under pressure! The shatter-proof lid seals tightly to contain moisture and dangerous gases, like radon. Mid-level sidewall perforations reduce pump short-cycling and allow for additional drainage. Designed for sidewall plumbing discharge for an unobstructed, easy to remove the lid. TPP’s viewing port allows inspection without removal of the lid. Flooring and tile fit nicely to Triple Pump Pack’s rectangular shape, while back-up battery and charger fit squarely and securely on the lid. The perfect sump basin for finished basements and upscale homes.

Key Benefits

    • Triple Pump Pack sump basin 23”L X 20”W X 22 ½” D
    • Square lid w/ clear viewing port
    • Dranjer F-S2 drain, adapts to pre-formed hole in lid
    • 90° cord chase fitting
    • Cord block, air seals electrical chase
    • Stainless steel screws for securing lid
    • ¼” X ½” foam strip, air seals lid
    • Built-in anti-vibration pump pads

Product ID / Size Chart

  • Prod. ID: PW002
  • 15 and 20 Gallon sizes

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My waterproofing company uses all your sump pumps, especially the battery back up sumps in our waterproofing projects. Our clients are very happy with the results! I'll be recommending you to some other guys in my area.

Thomas B - Charleston, SC 29406

I not only get great service and products from Nash, I also get answers when I need help.

Bob R. - Parkersburg, WV 26102