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Sealed Drains

Stop the intrusion of nasty insects and gases with Dranjer™ drain seals! Sump pits and drains should be sealed to close off potential radon entry points. This will also prevent air leaks to the system that may reduce the pressure field extension or compromise the effectiveness of a fan system. In order to maintain the water drainage feature, a Dranjer™ sealed drain should be used to seal off the gas flow while still allowing water flow.

Dranjer™ consists of a retrofit sump seal that helps control radon gas and odors. Nash Distribution provides with The F-S2 Dranjer™ sealed drain that uses a zinc valve. F-S2 is sealed drain which attach to the underside of the sump lid and prevent gas, odors, insects, and moisture vapor from leaking out of the sump basin while allowing water into the basin in the event of a plumbing leak. When a trap dries up, smelly sewer gases are likely to escape the drain and fill the basement. The Dranjer™ sealed drains can prevent this as well as stop the backflow of fluid through the drain into the drained area.

Dranjer Professional Sealed Drains

Dranjer™ Sealed Drain F-S2

Dranjer™ Sealed Drain F-S2

size: 2.75” dia.,3.75” depth.

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My waterproofing company uses all your sump pumps, especially the battery back up sumps in our waterproofing projects. Our clients are very happy with the results! I'll be recommending you to some other guys in my area.

Thomas B - Charleston, SC 29406

I not only get great service and products from Nash, I also get answers when I need help.

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