Audible Water Alarm

The Guardian Audible Water Alarm is a simple solution to monitor unwanted water. It’s easy and no hassle installation makes it the perfect addition to any sump pump system.

  • Guardian Audible Water Alarm
  • Guardian Audible Water Alarm

Product Overview

The GUARDIAN Audible Water Alarm is a versatile alarm that sounds its alert, much like a smoke detector, when its probes come in contact with water. The GUARDIAN is designed in such a way that it can sit in/on the lid of a sump pump basin and sound the alarm when water reaches the 5” probes, or the probes can be unscrewed and the unit can sit flush in areas you would like to monitor for unwanted water. There are no wires, installation takes seconds and maintenance is nothing more than swapping out a battery. Imagine how many locations in the home or business that you can place the GUARDIAN Audible Water Alarm and how much money and damage can be avoided with a quick response.


    • 85 dB alarm
    • Multi-Use Water Detection: Attic, Basement, Crawl Space, Hot Water Tank, Sinks, Dishwasher, Washing Machine, Fish Tanks & More
    • Water Probes Can Be Shortened Or Removed To Sit Flush On Surfaces
    • Easy Touch Battery Tester
    • 9V Battery Included
    • Corrosion Resistant Components
    • Designed & Assembled In The USA
    • 2 Year Industry Best Warranty

Product ID

  • GAWA300

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My waterproofing company uses all your sump pumps, especially the battery back up sumps in our waterproofing projects. Our clients are very happy with the results! I'll be recommending you to some other guys in my area.

Thomas B - Charleston, SC 29406