PolyBase™ Glass Fiber
Reinforced Foundation

Sagging floors and cracks in your walls are signs of foundation damage. With sturdy, structural support piers, you can give your home the help it needs to remain stable. However, your support piers are only as strong as their base. Therefore, spread the load with the low-profile, high-strength polymer concrete PolyBase foundation.

  • PolyBase™ Glass Fiber Reinforced Foundation
  • PolyBase™ Glass Fiber Reinforced Foundation

Product Overview

Our glass-fiber, reinforced foundations are 30% lighter than conventional concrete blocks. Despite the light-weight, our product delivers instant modular support to interior pier support systems. Additionally, our light-weight foundations are multifunctional and less-labor intensive.

Most concrete blocks are hard to handle, require extensive excavation, and provide more headaches than solutions. With the Nash Polybase concrete block, you’ll keep your home and sanity stable. Keep your property structurally sound with our impressive, highly structurally-rated reinforced foundations.

Key Benefits

  • No delays due to footing inspections or waiting for concrete to cure
  • 30% lighter than conventional concrete blocks
  • No Excavation
  • Zero Mess
  • Built-in quality control
  • Structurally rated
  • Less labor intensive
  • Multi – Functional

Product ID

  • PBUP20RD

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I love using your crawl space vapor barriers! They're so easy to work with!

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