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5” X 40″ Pro Series Kit
W/Gray Plastic Grates

The NDS 5” x 40″ Pro Series Deep Profile Channel Drain Kit is durable, effective, and easy to use. Our waterproofing system moves heavy water flow away from the property, protecting foundations, fields, and concrete from water’s damaging effects.

  • 5” Pro Series Kit w/Gray Plastic Grates

Product Overview

Our channel is made from injection-molded polypropylene. Along with the polypropylene, we offer extended side ribs for increased channel strength. As an exterior product, our channel has UV inhibitors to prevent fading and cracking while in the sun. We’ve also included slotted grates. These grates are light-gray HDPE for up to Class B loading and are ADA-compliant.

Installation and Maintenance Are Easy

Channels easily snap end-to-end making long channel runs easy. Additionally, this snapping makes extending the channel simple without the need for specialized tools, training, or equipment.

We also offer cut guides to shorten the channel by 4-inch increments for smaller interlocking sections. The end cap and end outlet, partnered with the integrated second-bottom outlet and side-outlet knockouts, provides 8 outlet options. 8 outlet options give you control over the channel and ensure the channel directs water where you need it to go.

Lastly, our new strengthened #4 rebar clips allow for quicker and easier installation while improving system strength.

Key Features

    • Our new side outlets allow 90-degree, tee, and cross configurations. These configurations do not require specialized equipment or training to execute.
    • Popular application locations include driveways, courtyards, plazas, pool decks, parking lots, sports facilities, and more.
    • Our device is compatible with the patented NDS Pro Series Qwik-Turn Radius Coupling. This allows for carrying up to 6 degrees of deflection between couplings and channels.
    • Our waterproofing system prevents mildew growth, concrete staining, and costly structural damage.

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