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4” Pop-Up Emitter
W/4” Elbow

The 4" Pop-up Drainage Emitter with 4" Elbow perfectly fits the 4" Sewer and Drain-Pipe. Our product is ideal for discharging excessive water from your waterproofing system.

  • 4” Pop-Up Emitter W/4” Elbow

Product Overview

NDS Pop-Up drainage emitters are the discharge point of any drainage system. This point opens easily when needed by allowing water to flow through freely. The water flows through the pipes and away from structural foundations. Our patented spring-based cap opens with the hydrostatic pressure of water flowing through the drain pipe. Then, the flap closes when the water ceases. This reaction allows our device to be proactive and deliver the best results for your waterproofing project.

The best waterproofing systems allow water to be diverted to water-safe areas and away from key structures and foundations. The NDS pop-up drainage emitter with elbow is the best way to give yourself a safe, flexible way to meet your drainage needs.

Key Features

    • Our products is manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE
    • The emitter helps reduce tripping hazards posed by an open drain
    • The pop-up effectively keeps rodents and debris out of your waterproofing system
    • Low-rise to avoid interfering with mowers
    • UV inhibitor protects the product from cracking when exposed to the sun


  • Fits 4" Sewer and Drain-Pipe
  • Ideal for discharging excess water from stormwater management system
  • Spring automatically retracts
  • NDS #420 polyolefin spring-loaded Pop-up Drainage Emitter with UV inhibitor, 4" styrene 90-degree elbow with 1/4" drain hole
  • 40 GPM
  • 0.04 psi or 1" of head to raise top

Product ID

  • SKU# 421

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