Outward Mounted
Crawl Space
Vent Covers

Our outward mounted crawl space vent covers are designed to cover up existing vents and help create a fully sealed and encapsulated crawl space area to keep unwanted moisture and pests from entering the home.

  • WhiteCap Outward Mounted Vent Cover Installed
  • Outward Mounted Vent Cover Black
  • Outward Mounted Vent Cover Black
  • Outward Mounted Vent Cover White

Product Overview

Sealing the crawl space from the outside elements is the best way to complete a full encapsulation job for your customers. These outward vent covers attach to outside of the crawl space foundation wall with fasteners or adhesive. They are made of inorganic materials that are waterproof, mold resistant, and will not deteriorate over time. They form a tight seal against the foundation of the home. This stops the intrusion of insects, pests, outside air and water, thus leaving the crawlspace safe and energy efficient. Nash Distribution stocks these outward covers in small and large, and in both black and white colors. These versatile options ensure that you have the right cover for every application.

Key Benefits

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Simple installation
  • Available in black and white

Product ID / Size Chart

  • SOMVC - Black - 8" x 16" Inside, 10" x 18" Outside
  • SOMVC-W - White - 8" x 16" Inside, 10" x 18" Outside
  • LOMVC - Black - 10-1/2" x 18-1/2" Inside, 13" x 21" Outside
  • LOMVC-W - White - 10-1/2" x 18-1/2" Inside, 13" x 21" Outside

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Swainco Crawl Space and Basement Repair, from the Indianapolis Indiana area, has increased over 300% in the last 10 months. Nash has helped make that possible with their excellent crawl space products and customer service. They truly understand that there success comes from going the extra mile to ...
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I love using your crawl space vapor barriers! They're so easy to work with!

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