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OxyOrange is a new tool for providing a clean, safe, and environmentally-friendly environment. Our cleaning solution will sanitize areas and destroy odors without harsh chemicals.

  • OxyOrange

Product Overview

The first goal of OxyOrange is to improve your environment by making your area cleaner without the use of harsh chemicals. Further, our product is versatile and can be used to clean and restore tile grout, clean water-safe surfaces without harsh acids, destroy odors, remove carpet spots, and do much more.

A reduction in harsh chemicals does not mean a reduction in results. For example, the OxyOrange can shine glass to a streak-free luster without ammonia or alcohol. Our product also eliminates grease and minimizes slipping on any floor while destroying odors and leaving a fresh, crisp smell after each cleaning.

OxyOrange is perfect for:

  • Hospitals
  • Emergency rooms
  • Operating/procedure rooms
  • Patient rooms
  • Common areas
  • Daycare facilities
  • Airports
  • Cruise ships
  • Athletic facilities

Lastly, prolonged, mile exposure to the cleaning solution can cause skin irritation. Protective eyewear and skin protection are strongly recommended.

Application Methods:

  • Electrostatic Spray – Approximately 7500 Sq.Ft. 3D Application
  • Fogging – Approximately 1500 Sq.Ft.
  • Spray Bottle – Approximately 550 Sq.Ft per gallon


  • Cleans and restores tile grout without harsh acids
  • Cleans any water-safe surface without damage
  • Removes carpet spots in seconds and provides superior carpet extraction
  • Shines glass without streaks or using ammonia or alcohol
  • Destroy odors and leaves a fresh, crisp smell
  • Eliminates grease and minimizes slipping on any floor

Product ID

  • D253OXY1G-JUG : OxyOrange (1-gal container)
  • D253OXY4G-CASE : OxyOrange (Case of Four, 1-gal containers)
  • D239OXY5G-PAIL : OxyOrange (5-gal container)

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