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Face Shield

Face shields are powerful tools for protecting you, your workers, and your clients from the spread of disease. Our patented face shields are made with sturdy polycarbonate to deliver added protection against infection, chemicals, and fluids.

  • Face Shield

Product Overview

Are you worried about the spread of disease? A proper PPE (personal protective equipment) includes all the tools you need to prevent infection, as well as exposure to chemicals and fluids.

With the face shield, you can deliver even more protection. Our face shield is the most effective in stopping viral spread because it extends beneath the chin while covering the face. Furthermore, the powerful polycarbonate window maximizes strength and durability.

Our face shields have other advantages over traditional masks:

  • Face shields are reusable. They only require cleaning with soap and water or common disinfectants.
  • Shields are more comfortable to wear than traditional masks.
  • Face shields form a powerful barrier, which prevents people from instantly touching their faces.
  • The shields allow for accessible communication because they do not cover the mouth. Additionally, the clear design of the face shield will enable workers to see each others’ faces.


    • Polycarbonate window maximizes strength and durability
    • The pin-lock system provides adjustments as well as a secure, custom fit
    • The added crown protector is made of high-strength thermoplastic material
    • The proprietary window attachment system makes replacement easier
    • Our face shields deliver unrestricted visibility

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