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Multi-Task Concentrate

The Microscopic Cleaning with Ultimate Cleaning Powerâ„¢ offers unmatched results. A versatile, powerful, and highly effective low-foaming biosurfactant cleaner, our product will ensure your next job is quick and clean.

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Product Overview

Z-Probiotic All Surface Plus Cleaner excels at leaving all moisture-tolerant surfaces, hard and soft, amazingly clean, and hygienic. Our product puts the power of probiotics' natural microorganisms to work. This power removes heavy soil and other contaminants, which eliminate bacteria and keeps surfaces clean.

Our EPA-certified product is gentle on the skin and can be used around children and pets. Additionally, our product is tough on dirt and harmful contaminants, and it continues to work after application.


  • The low-foaming cleaner works well on floors., carpets, and all hard surfaces
  • Our product can be used on any colorfast, water-tolerant surface, or material
  • Suitable for 'Spray & Wipe' protocols
  • Our product works with all floor cleaning equipment
  • Exceptional at removing odors at the source.
  • Excellent soil removal rating
  • Safe for use in the presence of people and animals.
  • Eco-friendly and certified to be green

Product ID

  • ZB/MT/001C

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