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Advanced Cleaning

Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution® removes the food source of harmful micro-organisms, such as mold. Mold and bacteria can be found in a community of micro-organisms attached to a solid surface. Anabec's patented Advanced Cleaning Solution's formula removes the food source leaving an extremely clean surface.

  • Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution

Product Overview

Advanced Cleaning Solution is a patented mold cleaning product and the cornerstone in the Anabec System of products carried by Nash Distribution. Advanced Cleaning Solution has been applied to thousands of houses, commercial institutions, plus industrial facilities for both general purpose cleaning and correcting microbial contamination.

When coupled with mechanical action for maximum material penetration, this clear formula removes organic debris left by microorganisms. Advanced Cleaning Solution leaves an extremely clean surface that can then be treated with a microbial barrier or penetrate product such as X-70 Plus or Anasphere.

Applications include porous and non-porous building materials such as structural framing, block, cement, unfinished drywall. It is also suitable for most interior finished materials such as upholstery, carpeting, ceiling tiles, brick, wood, finished drywall and other related materials.

Five and twenty year written warranties when applied with our Microbial Shields by a trained applicator!

"The removal of the food source, a safe haven for micro-organisms, is accomplished by Anabec's Cleaner. The Cleaner's oxidizing agents and scrubbing detergents successfully disrupt fungal, bacterial and viral micro-organisms. With this disruption of the organisms defense mechanisms and cell membranes, the Cleaner successfully removes the biomass right down to the substrate."

Charles Gilbert, PhD
Toxicology & Epidemiology Institute


  • Neutral pH allowing application to a wide range of finished surfaces.
  • Low viscosity for application via airless sprayer, foggers or by hand.
  • Ready to use concentration.
  • 1000 sq ft per gallon coverage
  • Not an EPA Registered pesticide


  • Denatures the protein structure of organic materials
  • A surfactant with mechanical action for maximum material penetration
  • Specifically designed to remove micro-organisms

Product ID

  • A02

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