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Phoenix Guardian R -
HEPA Air Scrubber

Phoenix Guardian R - HEPA Air Scrubber is the best compact air scrubber unit. Standing only 14” tall and weighing less than 35 lbs, our portable filtration system excels at removing particles, gasses, and chemicals from your air.

  • Phoenix Guardian R - HEPA Air Scrubber
  • Phoenix Guardian R - HEPA Air Scrubber

Product Overview

When working on your next project, you need space. Our Phoenix Air Scrubber is tight, small, and compact, which means you can set it to the side and let it keep your air clean. Further, you can stack multiple units on top of one another to provide maximum filtration as well as secure storage.

The Phoenix Guardian R - HEPA Air Scrubber is designed to meet your needs. You can set the device vertically or horizontally. Our machine is designed to accept 16” inlet flex duct and 10” lay flat outlet duct for a variety of operating set-up options. With more options, the Guardian R can meet the needs of any job while keeping you and your team safe.

A single Guardian R is capable of providing four air changes per hour (the recommended minimum) on a 7500 cubic foot room (more than a 30’ x 30’x 8’). The Guardian R works best where space and power are a premium. Whether you’re updating a home or handling a disinfection project, you’ll need clear air. Luckily, the Guardian R is easy to carry, transport, and store.


  • Maximum of 500 CFM of HEPA filtered air at less than 2.5 amps
  • 2-stage filter design provides filtered air
  • Variable speed flow gives you control
  • With multiple duct options, you can set the device vertically or horizontally
  • 25ft cord ensures that wherever you are, our equipment can reach

Product ID

  • 4031350

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I use the Novatek air machines on every basement waterproofing job. Keeps down the dust for an amazing job. Great product.

Jerry H - Knoxville, TN 37914