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Benefits of Nash Apollo and Space Sump Pump Basins

Don’t Let a Home Get Flooded if the Sump Pump Goes Bad

A sump pump is necessary to protect a home from water damage. However, if not properly protected, rust and corrosion will destroy a sump pump, and soil-shifting could prevent its effective operation. And let’s not forget debris and sediment will clog a sump pump if it’s not properly protected. An unprotected or broken sump pump means water in a home, and water damage will lead to mold, mildew, and other health and safety hazards.

The Sump Pump Secret Weapon from Nash Distribution

The life and operation of a sump pump can drastically be improved by using our new sump pump basins. We offer the 24” Apollo basin and the 18” Space basin. Without a proper basin like the 24” Apollo and the 18” Space Basin, a home’s sump pump will rust, corrode, clog, and break. Luckily, the 24” Apollo and 18” Space offered through Nash Distribution will help protect your basement or crawl space from water damage.

24” Apollo Sump Pump Basin
18” Space Sump Pump Basin

Benefits, Benefits, and More Benefits of the 24” Apollo and 18” Space Sump Pump Basins

How do our basins keep sump pumps running smoothly? The 24” Apollo and 18” Space sump pump basins feature a tough, ridged, and seamless wall construction. The unique construction makes our products corrosion-proof, easy to clean, and effective against clogging. Furthermore, the toughness protects a sump pump from failing under soil shifting or ground cleaning conditions because of its heavy-duty and impact-resistant construction.

Lastly, the 24” Apollo and 18” Space sump pump basins feature a modular, twist and lock design that allows for assembly and installation in tight crawl spaces. Additionally, the bell shape design provides superior anchoring and will hold up to three sump pumps. There is also a two-piece, clear lid for convenient inspection. This lid features a powerful, pre-installed Dranjer drain, sealed cord pass-throughs, and discharge line grommets. All these features provide effective protection against water vapor, odors, and radon gas.

24” Apollo Sump Pump Basin
18” Space Sump Pump Basin

It’s Time to Own The Best Sump Pump Basins On the Market Today

Our quality products are made right here in the USA with the best materials. Our basins will save you money in the long-run by keeping sump pumps clean, protected, and energy-efficient.

From the tough and long-lasting construction to the easy-to-maintain design, the 24” Apollo and 18” Space sump pump basins are perfect for saving a homeowner money and making a home safer and well-protected.

We are offering the 18” and 24” Unipar Basin models to home waterproofing and crawlspace repair professionals just like you at the low price of $165.00! This exclusive opportunity won’t last long, and we wanted to share this new product with you as soon as possible. To get your Apollo and Space Basins, connect with Nash now! Do you have any questions about the 24” Apollo basin or 18” Space basin that we didn’t cover in this blog post? Contact us here to let us know so we can assist you.

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